We have 2 x styles of Adventure Bike Covers.

Style 1 is our Adventure bike Travel Cover

Style 2 is our Multipurpose Adventure Shelter

Click the Video to see style 1. Travel Cover

Adventure bikers like to travel light but with maximum comfort in mind. Weighing just 350gms and packs down to the size of an orange - why would you travel without one.

Tour organisers can have their company / club/ tour details printed on them. We even have clients that print the tour route onto their covers.

More practical than a free T-shirt, why not consider one in your tour pack.

With just two tent pegs you have a great sun / weather shelter without the need for extra poles & weight to carry. Your Motorcycle is the tent frame.

This is an essential piece of kit for adventure bikers to carry, especially if you are off the beaten path. It offers lots of extra comfort and practical uses and importantly an excellent piece of survival kit.

The red side or silver reflective side offers excellent visibility for those in trouble.

Patent Granted in Europe and the USA, Patent protected in 150 countries worldwide through the WIPO 

Designed by a small group of desert riders from Dubai

The BIKEKINI Adventure Covers offers 8x uses from just one motorcycle cover.

- Sport Cover

- 3/4 Cover

- Emergency Shelter

- Windbreak

- Tent Porch

- Groundsheet

- Waterproof Sleeping Bag Outer

- Emergency Space Blanket

- Roll-up kitbag