Bungee Connection Kit

This unique system allows a material edge to be connected to a hook & loop bungee system. The stronger the pull, the tighter the clips grip without destroying the material. Replaces the need for eyelets which tend to tear under pressure.

When fitted BIKINIS can be used on motorcycles when towing. 

Ideal as a quick fix for your tent or connecting your BIKEKINI ADVENTURE CAMPING COVER as a porch between your tent & motorcycle.


Fix semipermanently to the motorbike with secure underseat locking straps or to the sissy.

All our cover styles will fit inside.

Double pocket to keep essentials handy such as phones, keys & sunglasses.

Can be removed by unlocking the seat and worn around the waist as a kidney bag.

Spare storage pouches

These can be purchased separately. With an elastic toggle top, ideal for storing small essential items that you wish to keep dry.

Pouches are designed as wing mirror protectors that can be elasticated on and fastened easily with the toggle adjuster.

Same side release buckles allow the pouches to be joined together and can be locked to the motorcycle cover buckles.

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Combination wire lock

BIKINIS are designed to accept a 6mm wire lock so can be secured to the motorcycle.

The spring mechanism can reduce the size of the wire loop for a snug fit every time.

Also useful for fastening your helmet or a jacket to your bike temporarily, such as at a bike rally.

Would need wire cutters to remove.