Our showroom covers are proving very popular with factory manufactured brands and individual showroom owners alike.

No longer worry about customer bikes being sat on in your showroom.

Whether in for service or sold from your valuable stock, its too easy to remove a card or sticker and expose the bike to damage, especially as many side stands now are spring loaded and floors are tiled. DON'T RISK IT

Not only do our covers look more professional than stickers and cards, importantly they keep the bike protected. They can be printed with your dealer & brand information and still allow the bike to remain visible whilst on display.

They are equally effective outdoors as they will keep the rain, sun & dust off the bike - keeping them pristine for longer and demonstrating to your customers how much you care about the products you have for sale. 

Equally if not more important are your own customer bikes in for service.

OEM colour matching service available.

Official Supplier.

showroom covers