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'We took a road trip to Portugal, on the ferry out the deck hands were sitting on my chop taking selfies'. The next morning there was a huge scratch on the tank which cost me £300 to fix - Stupid thing was I had a BIKEKINI cover but didn't think to fit it on the ferry - would have saved me the cost and the hassle. 

I use it all the time now.

Jacko - Lytham

How is your security?.

V-Twins are a special kind of motorcycle.

We appreciate the noise, the beauty and brutality of big V-Twins.

Owners are often fanatical about their motorcycles, highly accessorize, love chrome, bespoke paintwork and certainly want to take care of such a cherished and expensive vehicle

Whilst we want people to admire our motorcycles, the modern scurge of trophy photo hunters, selfies and smart phones means your motorcycle is constantly under threat of unauthorised people sitting on your bike and the possibility of scratching it or even worse knocking it over.

Why not spend 30 seconds to clip on a travel motorcycle cover and stop this from happening. We even supply optional  locks for our covers.

We have some sad consumer feedback from our customers whom have suffered such issues and wish they had taken basic protection when their pride & joy is left unattended.